About Our Land Survey Company In Greensboro, NC


Greensboro Land Surveyors are a trusted team of land surveyors, serving the city of Greensboro and surrounding areas. We are a team who provide the highest standard of surveying services to our customers in both the residential and commercial sectors. Well known in our community, we have built up a reputation of being efficient and dedicated in our work. Our broad mix of clients have seen just how beneficial our services have been and how they have assisted them with their objectives. Whether that was for the major construction company, the mortgage provider, or the simple homeowner, trying to refurbish his house. To us, it doesn’t matter how big or small the task is. We simply want to be able to support our community with their properties.

By now, we have become one of the leading land surveyors in the city and have seen our efforts applied to properties all over the region. Through the experience and expertise of our team, we have made good on the varied needs of each one of our clients. We provide some of the most competitive rates in the Greensboro area for our land surveying clients. If you are needing a survey to complete or get started on your at-home or commercial project, give our land survey company a call and speak to one of our dedicated, professional land surveyors. We can’t wait to help you complete your project.