ALTA Surveys In Greensboro, NC


For many lenders, they are not able to approve a loan, without a little bit more insight into the property that is in question. Whilst a boundary survey and some title searching would be sufficient for some, less valuable properties, in other cases, it is just not enough. When there is a more complex parcel of land, a property with a greatly increased value or one, with various new improvements, an ALTA survey may be required. An ALTA survey, standing for the American Land Title Association, follows a strict and agreed set of standards, meaning a more widely accepted list of home requirements. It is an in-depth survey, which needs to be entrusted to an experienced team, with a superior level of attention to detail. For that, you know you can confidently put your faith in us, at Greensboro Land Surveyors.

Title Search
The first part of any complete ALTA survey, is the title research. A title search is necessary for just about every property, so will be our initial steps. Our efficient team will work through the public records, to take note of all of the previous owners. At the same time, this is going to show us any changes to the plot of land, that have been made over the years. This information is imperative to all other aspects of the survey and to use as evidence, in front of your mortgage provider.

Boundaries & Easements
As with any other property, you need to be able to identify the boundaries of your parcel of land. The boundaries are going to mark out what property you have access to, and what is being credited, by your lender. Equally important information, are the easements that are in place. Whether that is an agreement on your land, an encroachment into your neighbor’s property or a public easement within your property, they are all going to be crucial for your lender to know.

With regards to any refurbishment work that you have done and any improvements that you have made, an improvement survey is going to be essential. Original plans found in a title search aren’t going to be the same as any of this new work, and it is important that it is accounted for. It is going to show you whether the improvements are within the regulatory limits, as well if they are encroaching on any easements in place. This is vital for your lender, as they will not want to lend towards a property making clear infringements on official guidelines.

Zoning Classification
In the city of Greensboro, as well as with every other one in the country, there are zoning boundaries in place. Zoning is the division of a city, into the various sectors that it is intended for. From residential spaces to specific commercial areas, it is what restricts and allows the construction or refurbishment of particular types of properties, so that a city remains organized. Carrying out a survey in this particular area will ensure that a lender is putting their money towards a property, that is following the local and legal boundaries.