Construction Staking In Greensboro, NC


The city of Greensboro is always undergoing new changes. Construction is a thriving business and so, we see new projects cropping up all the time. Quality is always improving, as the standards necessary for construction are always adapting and improving, themselves. As someone commissioning any new construction project, you need to be staying in line with these standards. You’re going to need to have a comprehensive survey carried out, if you are going to find any success in your responsibilities, for your project. At the same time, you can guarantee that your new structure is going to be completed to the highest quality. It benefits everyone involved, and so, it is going to be a vital service for your job.

What is Construction Staking?
A construction staking, also sometimes known as a site layout survey, is a survey carried out in preparation for a new construction projection. It takes into account a many number of things, which are going to be crucial information for any new construction project. Basing the survey off of the plans given by the engineer or the architect, we will stake out the necessary spaces on the construction site. This will include the marked-out spaces, for the various structures that you intend to erect, as well as for any utilities, borders or other features.

Rough Grade Staking
There are two important parts, to the construction staking process. The first of these, is known as the rough grade staking. This staking is tasked with outlining the location of any site improvements being made. That will allow for the successful shaping of the land, to complete the final grade elevation. Improvements made could be inclusive of any leveling, grading, excavating or any other type of terrain movement. Knowing this particular piece of information, means that you can make effective plans towards the construction that will follow.

Site Layout Staking
Preceding the first stage of the survey, and of course the official approval from inspectors and other acting bodies, you can begin the site layout staking. A site layout staking is going to map out exactly where the dimensions of proposed structures are going to fall, over the site. This can be completed in stages, to handle the various levels and layers of the build. Beginning with sewage and utilities, working through the foundations and for as many floors are to follow. Making use of our ongoing surveying is going to mean that you complete an accurate structure, mitigating any chance of mistakes along the way.

No matter what type of building it is that you are constructing, you are going to need to stay in line with the official guidelines set by acting bodies. Compliance is important at all times and is something that you need to be able to prove. Making use of our licensed surveying services, is going to mean that you have comprehensive and valid proof of the details of your building. We will be able to supply you with an official certificate, as proof of your good construction practice.