Mortgage Surveys Greensboro, NC


Owning your own home is something, that everyone can agree, is one of the key goals in life. It gives you freedom to live as you please and gives you a small corner of the country, that you can call completely yours. To be able to make such a purchase, the resounding majority of people take out a mortgage loan. A creditor will give you the value of the home, to make the purchase, with which you can then pay back. But no creditor wants to be putting their money towards something that isn’t going to be worth their while. They need to see that it is going to something with the exact matched value, so that they can be certain of their cover. To be able to prove that the property is to the specified value, you need to carry out a mortgage survey. There are many different types of mortgage surveys, depending on the need of the task, of which we can provide.

Mortgage Boundary Survey
Purchasing a home comes with the rest of the surrounding land, that is included within the property boundaries. Boundaries are what define the parcel that is being made in the purchase, which makes this some of the most valuable information. A mortgage creditor needs to see that the boundary lines are likewise, to the ones expected, if they are going to give you the loan. So, we will carry out a mortgage survey, making all of the necessary research into the title history.

Mortgage Inspection Survey
A quicker and less detailed type of survey, sometimes, it will only be necessary to opt for an inspection survey. Your mortgage provider is likely to ask for this type of survey, unless they specifically request a more detailed account. All this type of survey will describe is the structures on the property and whereabouts they are located. It can be carried out in a short space of time, meaning you can have an answer for your creditor, right away.

Mortgage Location Survey
A location survey is intended to identify exactly where all of the structures and improvements are located on your property, in line with what was outlined in your legal description. Accounting for any buildings, fencing, garages and just about any other type of structure, it will detail all of the building work present. Additionally, a location survey is going to look into any existing encroachments, related to easements on your property, as well as your neighbors’. You will likely see this one if your creditor wants to be additionally sure of any valuable changes and refurbishments you have made.

Affordable Pricing
There is nothing cheap about buying a home. For the majority of people, it is going to be the single biggest investment they ever make. That means you don’t want to have to be spending any more money than is necessary, including on your mortgage inspections. Give us a call today if you are in need of an affordable and accurate mortgage survey for your home in the Greensboro area.